Last week I got too lazy to work and stayed home with Irving the whole week. Well, mostly. Thing is, I don't have any spirit to play games or read as well somehow. So I got this crazy idea of cooking rendang after I saw the rendang that Irving's gf brought from Jakarta the day before. It was surprisingly easy to make -- albeit a little slow. I used the recipe from this particular site.

It was quite good IMHO :). Should have put more chilli though. Haha. And since I didn't want to deviate from the original recipe, i used 1 kg of beef. It took me around 3 days to finish this dish for 2-3 meals a day. Haha. Total cost: ~30 SGD (for 3 days? okay lah hor..)

Now, enough blogging. Back to confirmation report writing!

God give me strength to finish this one in time... Pretty please?



There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo