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Monday morning was a holiday in NTU- Abed asked us to come to ADM to take photograph, since some of my friends wanted to run for maincomm, hence he have an idea of having a photo sessions for other people who's interested as well.. Here's his shot on me (do I look chubby?)


On Uncle Heng and being a PKTB

Hi again...

This semester I'm taking one subject that EEE student most afraid of- not because it's hard, but because the project is time consuming and out-of-your-mind task. Meet Human Resource Management (HRM). I've heard that the teacher checks your project report, and ask you to redo if there's an error even though it's one week before exam.... Meet the one and only.. Mr. Michael Heng Swee Hai...

Two Lectures have been done, and so far, I am impressed with his skills, but terrified by his tutorials.. They ask us to do a cold connection with a senior manager of one company, interview him/her, ask them who's their competitor (at least 3) and contact their respective senior manager and ask whether they think the first company is their competitor or just another company- along with other questions...

The first lecture Mr. Michael said to us: "I'm not here to put knowledge into your head-I'm here to make you die"..... Ooookay.... Last year when I went to his lecture (sneaking would be more accurate word) he said to the fourth years: "Don't use your FYP (tugas akhir in Indonesian) as a reason not to do your HRM Project! I have told all your FYP supervisor that your FYP will be stalled because of HRM!!!"..... Oooooooookaaayyy.... Back then I instantly go out of the lecture theater since I was too terrified. But now, there's no running from it I'm afraid =__=

My project group are chosen by him, consisting of five people: Me, one Singaporean and three people from PRC. I just hope that we can work together well enough... The group leader will be the one with their name first in the list, and the list is sorted in alphabetical order. And guess what? I'm that 'lucky' guy! And there I thought that 'K' is the 11-th letter in our ABC...

Still, from the two lectures I attended.. I have to admit that I will learn a lot of things from this subject. I learned something already in fact!

Next is being PKTB... Ah... Time does fly.. I thought it was only yesterday when Cipto asked me whether I want to join his KTB or not. And from there one journey full of blessings began.. Now, it is my turn to do the asking and teaching. I have to admit, I struggled with myself, whether I am suitable on doing it. Sure, I was once the chairman of ISCF, sure I talked a lot, sure I don't have problems with study.. But is my behaviour befittting of one to be a Christian molder? After all, I'm also a work in progress, and somehow I count myself as slow progressing work...

But then Psalms 23:4 said to me that:
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me"

It was then I realized, it's not about worthy or not worthy-- no one is worthy. But even though God knew it, he chooses us anyway, cause He will be the one leading our way. Thy rod and thy staff, the one that will give me discipline and lessons will be the one that comfort me indeed.

Please pray for me that I can be a good PKTB, and that I can do my best in my HRM...


New Semester, New Room, New Blessing!


Last time I posted in this blog was one and a half month ago,  a few days before I went home.. ah.. Yea.. And now it's already August. PINTU Get Together Day is going on and the freshies are coming in. Next batch of ISCF people are going to come and I'm still praying for my preparation to be a PKTB.. Final year is coming, HRM is attacking, FYP is in the progress. The wheel of life is spinning on fifth gear again after one and a half month of holiday..

I'm moving to a new room now, my new address is at NTU Hall of Residence 3, 3E-03-09. Got a new roomate too =). For my first post.. I'll show you how my new room looks like ^^

This is my bed.. The matress is the same, bought a new cover and blanket. On the left hand side is Cinthya's stuffs. She still hasn't got a room yet so I'm storing her stuff for a while until she got a room. It's pretty comfortable sleeping here (especially when the air-con is on ^^)

Next to the bed is a pair of shelves, this is one of the main reason I choose this room: There's a lot of shelves here! I got a lot of books so I need to be able to store them. The upper one is all my Christianity books, Bible, and handouts from ISCF. The lower one is where I put my fluffy and luffy ^^

There you go.. another set of shelves. 14 in total, hence one occupants will take 7 each. I used the shelves to store my stuffs.. From right to left, top to bottom order is: Cleaning and medicine; Project and IMO documents; EEE Textbooks; Kitchen utensils; Novel, mangas and electronics, CD's and DVD's; lastly, Lecture notes, tutorials stuff and research papers. On top of it is the pile of boxes I used when I'm moving out..

All this shelf made me feel... shelf-ish? haha..

Below it is my study table. This is the second reason why I like this room. It's soo wide! I can spread all the stuff and papers that I need when I'm studying, and I still have some spaces afterwards. Three drawers are below the tables, mostly to keep important stuffs that I use often. On the right of my chair is the same old fridge I used from my 2nd year..

The other side of the room is a lot of windows. This is level three, so it's quite high, and the best part is that this room is not dusty.. I love my last room but it's simply too dusty for a person who don't really sweep the floor often like me.. Guess that's reason number three..

And this.. is reason number four... Air-con! haha

the downfall is... it's S$200 per month.. S$30 more than last year, and it's before air-con and fridge.. but hey.. that's still a lot cheaper than outside.. Outside is... a scary place.. Like what Michael Heng said... Who's Michael Heng? well.. my friends, that's another story.. All I can say is that he's EEE final year student most frightening enemy..

Guess that's all.. expect me posting few stuffs every now and then. I'm back to business!

~Let there be light!~


There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo