Facing the Giants

"There were two farmers in the land, and there was no rain for a long time. Because of that, the prayed real hard for a rain to pour down in their field. However, it turns out that only one of the two prepared the field for the rain. So, who was the real Christian to you?"

Sebuah kalimat yang cuma diucapkan sekali dalam film ini, Facing the Giants, yang baru-baru ini saya tonton bersama-sama dengan teman-teman. An interesting film, not a holywood level of film of course, but touching lives of all people who watched it. This was actually a great film to me. And a great blessing for all of us who watched it together.

Satu perenungan pribadi dalam hatiku waktu saya menonton film ini adalah, betapa seringnya kita berdoa dan berdoa, memohon berkat Tuhan, memohon pertolongan Tuhan, memohonkan kepadaNya supaya kita dilepaskan dari pencobaan. Tetapi Tuhan tidak (langsung) menjawabnya. Dan terlebih lagi, itu membuat kita bertanya-tanya, dimana Tuhan? (pertanyaan serupa yang dibahas buku 'Where is God in te messed up world?' yang baru-baru ini saya baca.. will be discussed in another time) Ujung-ujungnya kita patah arang.. mempertanyakan Tuhan dan kehendakNya.

It is funny that we humans are so weak. We don't see the true meaning of "perseverance" and we think more of "Our wish" rather than "God's will". We even sees God in our point of view, not by who He really are. We want Him to be what we wanted, but we missed the fact that our will is smeared by our sin. We are created for His glory, which made us and binds us to do what He want us to do, not do our version of "we think that it's what He wanted to do because it's comfortable for us". We rejected the idea of who God is that is different from what we wanted Him to be, showing how self centered our life really is.

"If we play (American) football to win, so what? We will be discussed over a period, and what happened in five or more years? No one will actually remember. If we play only to win, then it shows how self centered we are, how useless the philosophy of our (American) football"

Saatnya kita berbenah diri.

Sudahkah kita bertanya pada diri kita: Apakah kita sudah melihat Tuhan sebagai Tuhan yang benar-benar Dia? Apakah kita menuhankan Tuhan versi yang kita inginkan, tanpa melihat apa yang menjadi kehendakNya dalam kehidupan kita?

"If we win the game, we praise God. If we lose, we praise God. Winning or Losing, we do it for God. It is my hope to be able to become a blessing, a testimony to everyone around us, how great our God is"


We know, theoretically what to do. Tapi melakukannya dan mengetahui adalah dua hal yang sangat berbeda. Mengakui kedaulatan Tuhan dalam kehidupan kita, dan menyerahkan segala daya upaya kita kepadaNya, kedalam tangan dan kehendakNya. Melakukan segala sesuatu dengan 100% atau malah 110% karena kita melakukannya untuk Tuhan dan bukan untuk manusia, apalagi diri kita sendiri. That's what God want us to do!

Knowing, being, doing -- knowing is not enough. The scribes and pharisees knows about God, His propechy, the Messiah. They knows He did miraculous things that was never been performed before, beyond any imagination. Yet, they didn't believe in Him as a Messiah. No. The choose not to believe in Him. They don't want to accept Him as Messiah. The 'messiah' in their minds was someone strong. A royal family. A general that set them free from Romans. Not a saviour that will die on the shameful cross to atone for our sins. Even Peter was once disillusioned by this view. And guess what Jesus said after hearing it.

Let's do what God want us to do. What our reason for living, what we are here for.

Soli deo Gloria

thanks to Septian who worked and insisted so hard for the movie screening =)

Inter - Juventus 1-2

There's nothing that can beat the pleasure of seeing Juventus winning Derby d'Italia -- even more satisfying when it's at Inter's home, and seeing how the game was clearly dominated by Juve ^^

Juventus won the fiery match 2-1, a score that could easily be 4-0 if Alex shot was not deflected twice by Julio Cesar.. But Alex's performance was simply.. magnificent (if you take out his shooting and free kick attempt out of the equation though haha..). He didn't show any sign that he is 33 years old, an age where a striker was deemed very old and shows Inter that he is still the golden boy of Juventus by tearing Marco Materazzi into pieces. If Inter's goal keeper is not Julio Cesar, who knows how many goals Alex will net to Inter's goal? surely 4-1 or 4-0 is not exaggerating, seeing how well he played Sunday morning.

First half ended in 0-0, but all who saw the game will agree that the match was really on fire, but still fair played by both sides. Clear determination to win and rivalry was shown by both teams and the term Derby d'Italia (Derby of Italia) was not an overstatement. Juve missed out a chance in 6' from a Christian Molinaro crossing that met the effort of Alex Del Piero, only to be tipped for a corner by Julio Cesar. Then it was Inter turn who nearly scored a goal, but unfortunately Burdisso header did not strike the ball cleanly and the fumbling ball was kicked over the bar by Dejan Stankovic. Later in the match, Buffon denied Christian Chivu's hard and low freekick with a world class save- worthy of 'the best goalkeeeper on the planet' title given to him. Near the end of the first half, Julio Cesar catches Sissoko (who played brilliantly) long shot.

Again, Julio Cesar was tested in the beginning of the second half by Pavel Nedved half volley that he deflected.The deadlock was broken by an suspiciously offside goal from Camoranesi on 49'. A ball from Cristian Molinaro sees Camoranesi unmarked, arguably in offside position. The Italian-Argentine went one on one with Julio Cesar and comfortably place the ball into his net. 0-1 Juve. Mancini substituted Jimenez for Suazo, but the game was dominated by Juventus. Lead by a wonderful performance from Alessandro Del Piero who repeatedly dribbles past Materazzi. The captain was unfortunate not to create a goal, but later in 60' set up a magnificent cross to Trezeguet who was unamimous until that event, where the ball was headed by Burdisso, but he still can't change the course of the ball. The ball fell to Trezeguet leg and was sent to the net using a powerful left legged half volley, leaving Julio Cesar stunned. He was tightly guarded by Inter the whole hour, but he proved a word i take from goal.com commentary who illustrated David Trezeguet precisely: "Give Trezeguet a chance and he will score. This is exactly what happened tonight. More than lived up to his nickname of 'Trezegol' ". 0-2 Juve

The match was still on Juventus control when again and again, Del Piero tore Materazzi apart and creates numerous chances, and missed two golden opportunity to make it 0-3. Mancini brought in Maniche for Stankovic and Mario Ballotelli for Chivu. Trezeguet subbed by Iaquinta, and Nedved who showed a great spirit, pushing Juventus plays when his nose was bleeding on various times, subbed by Antonio Nocerino. in 85' Maniche scored a goal, coming from a good dribble from Maicon on the right hand side of the goal and the ball was passed to Maniche just for a simple flick on. 1-2 Juventus. The match was elevated on to another level from that moment, where Inter players all moving forward trying to score an equalizer, with the best chance coming from Maniche. The goalscorer hit the post in 91', which creates a huge relief to me. The ref whistled to signal the end of the game, which i'm sure will be one of the greatest game of the season, first defeat for Inter on their home. Memorable Easter for Juventus fans ;)

Forza Juve!


..Industrial Attachment..
..In Dus Trial Attachment..

when the idea runs out
and the MATLab failed to show expected result
I run back to the blog.. (lol)

working on: Cutting tool parameters numerical fitting.. really not an easy subject
Progress: stucked.. both because no idea how to do and no spirit in doing anything
no idea how to do creates decrease in working spirit...
less working spirit creates less creative effort in doing anything..
less creative effort.. ends up in no new idea on how to do things..
which creates less working spirit, and less creative effort.. and there we go all over again.. >.<


God please give me strength to overcome the obstacles i faced in whatever I do..
I'm not asking for instant solution in it, but please guide me through all the efforts that i tried..
And I believe that you are faithful to your children and never leave them alone in whatever trial they are facing! That's why i will always be glad, and gained my spirit back whenever I falls down. Let there be light! =)

Please pray for me friends..

Klamud... - Thailand Experience

Semua pasti tau kelapa muda kan ya? Buah yang tunasnya dijadikan lambang salah satu gerakan yang semua orang indonesia ikuti waktu SD ini adalah salah satu buah khas tropis.. Notable karena selain pelepas dahaga, daging buah yang lezat dan segala macam bagian dari pohon dan buahnya bisa diolah menjadi sesuatu yang berguna.. Berikut gambar klamud yang udah dibuka dan siap disedot *slurp*

Nah klo udah gini tinggal ditambah gula jawa *gula aren buat yang ngga mau mengakui bahwa itu gula jawa* + senjata yang dikenal dengan nama sendok dan sedotan.. Bakal jadi maknyuzzz (copyright Bondan Winarno) -- yang unik ada beberapa macam variasi penyajian.. dari yang dipangkas supaya hemat tempat...

Ada juga yang kaya gini... (heran.. gimana cara makan dagingnya ya...)

Tapi pemirsa.. (udah ketularan Bondan beneran ni) yang paling maknyuz dan unik saya temukan waktu berpetualang di Bangkok.. (klo ini foto yang ambil aku sendiri XD) yaitu...

.. liat sendiri aja deh..

Bisa tebak apa itu?... Bukannn.. bukan bakpao ata hakau udanggg... wong topicnya kelapa muda kok... Ya kelapa muda lo.. hehe.. Yup.. gambar diatas adalah foto kelapa muda yang kulitya udah dibuangin semua, tinggal dagingnya yang masih berbentuk bola + air didalamnya!! unik ya.. =D

gulanya udah disuntikin ke dalam kayanya karena cukup manis.. tinggal tusuk sedotan.. sampai habis lalu..  DiSOBEK-SOBEK (copyright Tukul Arwana) dagingnya untuk dimakan.. nyam...

Wisata kuliner kali ini disetop sampai disini dulu.. Nantikan post berikutnya untuk soal pengalaman makan memakan (err.. kok kayanya bahasanya aneh ya?) hehe.. Cheers!

URECA exhibition

Sabtu kemaren, NTU mengadakan Open House untuk menarik minat siswa JC Singapore untuk mendaftar ke NTU. Salah satu yang di open house kan adalah project-project URECA yang studentnya tertarik untuk exhibit projectnya. I too was exhibiting my project. Even though I know that my project will not be ready to be shown on time. Kenapa aku insist on doing the exhibition? Salah satunya adalah karena aku ingin ikut competition, yang lain adalah karena sejak 1styear aku ingin dapet URECA tapi ngga dikasi, Tuhan memberikan kesempatan itu di taun ketigaku dan aku ingin memaksimalkan kesempatan yang Tuhan berikan.. terakir.. karena Supervisorku memang nyuruh haha..

The project is on humanoid robot called Robonova (picture attached). Kerjaanku adalah membuat Robonova bisa melihat, menggunakan kamera. Sejauh ini projectnya cukup ok, system penglihatan berjalan baik, gerakan-gerakan juga terprogram dengan baik.. sayang antara PC dengan robot belum bisa berkomunikasi, jadi belum bisa didemokan.. ini yang membuatku cukup hectic dengan persiapan URECA exhibition.. tiap malam bisa tidur jam 2/3 buat ngejar setoran.. bahkan sampai lupa kalo saya ultah (thanks buat Dita dan temen2 yang mengingatkan..) In the end, saya exhibit apa adanya karena memang stuck..

Di exhibition ini sekaligus akan diadakan poster competition.. Jadi setiap student akan didatangi 3-7 judges yang menilai exhibition kita. To cut things short, karena terlalu tegang, saya terus-terusan mencoba presentasi sebelum judgenya datang.. dan ternyata baterai robot yang kupakai berkurang cukup banyak.. Cukup banyak untuk membuat dia tidak bisa menjaga keseimbangan waktu berdiri satu kaki, dan robotnya topple down (untung ketangkap) waktu presentasi.. malu sih.. tapi Puji Tuhan semua lancar..

But.. my supervisor doesn't think so.. Memang sih, persiapanku jelek karena terlalu berfokus ke bisa bikin demo ketimbang mau present apa, jadi 1 jam pertama agak kocar-kacir plus insiden robot lapar bikin supervisorku bilang ke saya klo my presentation was not good-- it was quite good until your robot fall down he said.. cukup jengkel juga sama supku..

Tapi saat kuingat lagi, he did warn me about this, and i was too occupied with finishing the demo.. And actually the fault was on me.. And then I remembered, I remembered how hard i wished for this project last year. I did all my best even when there are imperfection in it. I remembered my friend who supported me and come to my booth to vote and encourage me. That's more important to me than just the competition or a good mark. I thanked the Lord for giving me friends and this experience

Well, lesson learned: Be grateful for everything. Even in failure, the Lord want us to learn something from it. Kuserahkan semuanya kepada Tuhan.. entah menang kalah dalam competition atau good/bad mark for the subject. I will still do my best! Thank you Lord!

"Let there be light" - Prelude

I can't believe i'm starting a blog too haha.. oh well..

"Let there be light!" is the word that God said when He created the world- Light is the first thing that he created, and He saw that the light was good (Gen 1:3-4, NIV). Jesus, is the way and the truth and the life- no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). He is the light, that shows us the way, shows us the truth. Yet, He calls us, His followers, to be the light of the world, a light that shines not under the bowl, but on its stand, so that it gives light to everyone in the house-- the world! (Mat 5:14-15)

"Let there be light!" is my oath. It's our calling -no- we are lights. This blog is here to help you and me to strengthen our light. To show light. To let the light be known.

And so the blog starts today--

"Let there be light!"


There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo