On future contemplated

It's not official yet, but as some of you might know, I am going back to school shortly. Praise be to the Lord, NTU offered me the NPGS Scholarship last May, which I accepted immediately. Working as an engineer in Gemalto has been a lot of fun, and I think is far more secure than having Permanent head Damage (PhD). But when it comes to passion, opportunity and prayers that is answered, well, we need to take a leap of faith.

....Even though this leap of faith will be a big one. Haha.

So I went to NTU last Tuesday to meet with my prof and his PhD student. We talked about projects and what I should expect in my 4 years journey in my PhD. Truth be told, I am thankful that I can work with my supervisor, because even though he is busy or sometimes hard to contact, he is willing to spare his time, share his knowledge, gave inputs for improvements and best of all, be honest about what he said. I worked with him in my FYP, and he told me a lot of things to be considered before taking my PhD. He even admit that he may forgot about his students from time to time, but ask us to chase for him whenever it happens. So, yes, he's not the perfect supervisor, but ideal for me.

He gave me three options for my projects:

1. Doing research on activity recognition (again)
Most likely doing what is similar to my FYP, but with different focus and methods. He will be able to give much guidance, but expects me to be better than him in one years time (right..) Catch is, the funding will be less, and the topic have been stagnant for a while (according to him)

2. Switch area to Interactive Media
He said that one former PhD student of his opened a company focusing on this area. What is Interactive Media? well, you can read about it here. Basically if you watch my videos post in this blog previously, those are interactive media (the high tech one). It's quite surprising to find that he's offering me this area of research. The pros is that it's emerging interest, funding will come easily. The cons? nobody knows anything, including my supervisor. haha. I need to start from ground zero. But, Augmented Reality is uber kewl!

3. Propose something to him
Okay, I'll pass on this one. Don't have the time to formulate anything now.

But the hard thing for me is that currently, I'm feeling insecurities all over my life. I don't know why, but it does disturb my life. I'm in melancholic mood by default most of the times >.<. So.. this explains the lack of post to this blog. haha. Please pray for me on two things:
1. That I can choose what I want to do wisely
2. That I can overcome the internal struggles I'm having right now

Let there be light!



There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo