Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark

The next Final Fantasy is the Fourteenth. It will be an MMORPG, just like XI, but with higher quality of graphics. They released a 350 MB benchmarking software that shows you how the game looks (and it was AWESOME) and as the demo roll on, it will keep track of your PC's frame rate. It will give a specific score that serves as a indicator whether our system will be ready for the stuff when it comes out - or not. 

So I ran the benchmark test on the highest resolution (1920x1080) and low resolution (1280x720), and was amazed by the graphics. In the end, I got a 1600 (high resolution) and 2700 (low resolution) for my Desktop. I thought that it was decent. I mean, my PC is, of course, outdated with Pentium i7 and ATI HD 5850 sprouting everywhere but I am confident that it is still decent for playing games. I haven't face any difficulty so far... so it should not be much problem right?


This is the description for scores between 1500-1999 and 2500-2999:

[2500-2999] Standard Performance (Low Resolution)

Capable of running the game on default settings.

[1500-1999] Low Performance (High Resolution)
Capable of running the game, but will experience considerable slowdown. Adjusting settings is unlikely to improve performance.

...and it was the range of scores right after the last!! @_@

Should I upgrade? Hmmm....

(If you are curious on how good your system is, you can click at this hyperlink to test. it's free.)



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