Inter - Juventus 1-2

There's nothing that can beat the pleasure of seeing Juventus winning Derby d'Italia -- even more satisfying when it's at Inter's home, and seeing how the game was clearly dominated by Juve ^^

Juventus won the fiery match 2-1, a score that could easily be 4-0 if Alex shot was not deflected twice by Julio Cesar.. But Alex's performance was simply.. magnificent (if you take out his shooting and free kick attempt out of the equation though haha..). He didn't show any sign that he is 33 years old, an age where a striker was deemed very old and shows Inter that he is still the golden boy of Juventus by tearing Marco Materazzi into pieces. If Inter's goal keeper is not Julio Cesar, who knows how many goals Alex will net to Inter's goal? surely 4-1 or 4-0 is not exaggerating, seeing how well he played Sunday morning.

First half ended in 0-0, but all who saw the game will agree that the match was really on fire, but still fair played by both sides. Clear determination to win and rivalry was shown by both teams and the term Derby d'Italia (Derby of Italia) was not an overstatement. Juve missed out a chance in 6' from a Christian Molinaro crossing that met the effort of Alex Del Piero, only to be tipped for a corner by Julio Cesar. Then it was Inter turn who nearly scored a goal, but unfortunately Burdisso header did not strike the ball cleanly and the fumbling ball was kicked over the bar by Dejan Stankovic. Later in the match, Buffon denied Christian Chivu's hard and low freekick with a world class save- worthy of 'the best goalkeeeper on the planet' title given to him. Near the end of the first half, Julio Cesar catches Sissoko (who played brilliantly) long shot.

Again, Julio Cesar was tested in the beginning of the second half by Pavel Nedved half volley that he deflected.The deadlock was broken by an suspiciously offside goal from Camoranesi on 49'. A ball from Cristian Molinaro sees Camoranesi unmarked, arguably in offside position. The Italian-Argentine went one on one with Julio Cesar and comfortably place the ball into his net. 0-1 Juve. Mancini substituted Jimenez for Suazo, but the game was dominated by Juventus. Lead by a wonderful performance from Alessandro Del Piero who repeatedly dribbles past Materazzi. The captain was unfortunate not to create a goal, but later in 60' set up a magnificent cross to Trezeguet who was unamimous until that event, where the ball was headed by Burdisso, but he still can't change the course of the ball. The ball fell to Trezeguet leg and was sent to the net using a powerful left legged half volley, leaving Julio Cesar stunned. He was tightly guarded by Inter the whole hour, but he proved a word i take from commentary who illustrated David Trezeguet precisely: "Give Trezeguet a chance and he will score. This is exactly what happened tonight. More than lived up to his nickname of 'Trezegol' ". 0-2 Juve

The match was still on Juventus control when again and again, Del Piero tore Materazzi apart and creates numerous chances, and missed two golden opportunity to make it 0-3. Mancini brought in Maniche for Stankovic and Mario Ballotelli for Chivu. Trezeguet subbed by Iaquinta, and Nedved who showed a great spirit, pushing Juventus plays when his nose was bleeding on various times, subbed by Antonio Nocerino. in 85' Maniche scored a goal, coming from a good dribble from Maicon on the right hand side of the goal and the ball was passed to Maniche just for a simple flick on. 1-2 Juventus. The match was elevated on to another level from that moment, where Inter players all moving forward trying to score an equalizer, with the best chance coming from Maniche. The goalscorer hit the post in 91', which creates a huge relief to me. The ref whistled to signal the end of the game, which i'm sure will be one of the greatest game of the season, first defeat for Inter on their home. Memorable Easter for Juventus fans ;)

Forza Juve!



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