..Industrial Attachment..
..In Dus Trial Attachment..

when the idea runs out
and the MATLab failed to show expected result
I run back to the blog.. (lol)

working on: Cutting tool parameters numerical fitting.. really not an easy subject
Progress: stucked.. both because no idea how to do and no spirit in doing anything
no idea how to do creates decrease in working spirit...
less working spirit creates less creative effort in doing anything..
less creative effort.. ends up in no new idea on how to do things..
which creates less working spirit, and less creative effort.. and there we go all over again.. >.<


God please give me strength to overcome the obstacles i faced in whatever I do..
I'm not asking for instant solution in it, but please guide me through all the efforts that i tried..
And I believe that you are faithful to your children and never leave them alone in whatever trial they are facing! That's why i will always be glad, and gained my spirit back whenever I falls down. Let there be light! =)

Please pray for me friends..


Indra March 20, 2008 at 8:30 PM  

Astagaaa... maen sizenya 3 digit kali 3 digit.. =.=" Jia you aja dhe paakk.. hehe


There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
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