I'm a bit rusty

So I will be taking 3 subjects this semester: Linear System, Neural Network and Statistical Signal Processing. I wanted to take one technical subject actually, but my supervisor strongly suggest against it and told me to take more theoretical subject, since it will be more useful to me taking phd. So there you are, 3 theoretical subjects.

One thing that I realized after I came to those 6.30-9.30 pm (yeah, i am having three 3-hours-class-after-6-pm in a week) is this:

My head can't really connect to what the prof is teaching.

Oh Noooooo!!! I guess that's what happens when you did not study for more than one year. Haha...

*Back to reading paper*



There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo