Another Kewl Post

I'm in geeky mode right now =P. I think you know the anamorphism effect. People who draw something in 2D but can be seen in 3D when you see it from a certain angle. From other angles, it may look silly, but at a certain angle, it's really cool. Like this video below

So, there's a guy named Sander ter Braak (a student!) who created a REAL-TIME animated object, which tracks the position of the viewer and generate an anamorphism image such that wherever the viewer stands, it will be seen in 3D. Kewl! Videos communicates this easier.

Pre-holographic technologies eh? =D



There was a time when I lost my desire to write and to share. There was a time when I didn't see the point of doing a blog to express my thought. I am who I am though, inconsistent as I am in doing this blog, but I do want to share and I do long to write. Today I'm giving it another go. Fingers crossed. But I still wish that "Let there be light" is the message that I convey.
  • January 1st 2012, Kristo