Is there hope for every man?

This is a video montage for my church's Easter Service. The theme is a call for us Christian to act and to care about our surroundings.

For those who came to our Good Friday Service or visited Hezron's blog, yes, this is a continuation from that three videos. Those three was made by Hezron (give you a big hat tip bro), and this last piece was an unplanned, rushed, "continuation" from the the third video. (I volunteered to do this piece right after the Good Friday Service). But it was fun, doing something that I have not done for a while -- and I do have been thinking of making a piece using this song.

The title "Ojo mung nyangkem wae kowe le" is taken from javanese language, and is not included in the version that is shown in the service. Directly translated to Singlish, it means "Don't just talk lah you!" - Hezron actually asked me to put the Surabayans Javanese "Jok cangkem tok rek!" but I will not have peace with it. lol.

The song "Every Man" is performed by Casting Crowns. It's a nice song right? short, simple, but yet it really transferred the message across the audience.

All pictures are courtesy of its respective owners, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. I took most of the pictures from Hezron's collection (you might realize I intentionally put some pics here, just to let those who have seen the previous video realize that it is a continuation), deviantart (this is where i have to give my deepest apologize for taking their works indiscriminately).

So is there hope for every man?

Yes there is.

Let there be light!


Hezron Freddy April 4, 2010 at 4:28 PM  

Thank you To for this video! Though it's rushed and unplanned, your video is far better than mine, I should learn more to make a video hahaha...
Anyway, first time i saw the video it didn't come into my mind, so thanks one more time for your idea of the continuation, but I noticed it during the service, and it smoothed the flow =)
I only hate one part of your video, the winning team is supposed to be Inter Milan hahaha kidding...

~Kr!StO~ April 4, 2010 at 5:09 PM  

now2.. i had a lot of fun doing this piece =) so don't mention it =)

unplanned and rushed, true. but it felt great doing things you like ;)


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