American Idol Season 9 Round-Up

So, this is the context of the story: I follow American Idol, but I totally forgot that it starts on January and when I realized around end of last month I had a lot to catch up. So I waited until the top 24 is announced (which is last week) and do quick catch up. And...

I'm not impressed =.='

True, the level of the people are quite good and around the same, but there are no real stand-outs among them, unlike last season's Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey

Oh well, that should do for now. Anyway, I am hoping to see some exciting competition this year at least... Don't make it a repeat of season 6 pleaaassseeee.... That was so b.o.r.i.n.g (well, actually that season had one bright side: Melinda Doolittle)

Anyway, I was listening to last year finals' song "No Boundaries", one by Kris Allen, one by Adam Lambert, then I just realized that DioGuardi is the writer of the song when I saw her version in youtube. The originals was better IMHO. See it yourself.

Kara DioGuardi's:

Kris Allen's:

Adam Lambert's:

Yeah. This post is so American Idol. At least that's my favorite show other than House M.D. ;)



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