The Case for Christ

Book Title: The Case for Christ
Author: Lee Strobel
Genre: Apologetics/Journalism
Price: Officially it’s sold for US$5.99 but I think you can get it for less than 10 SGD

For me personally, this is a must read for those who are keen to learn how to defend their faith.

I stumble on this book quite a while ago, I was quite uninterested at first but someone told me that this book is quite interesting and it can be a very valuable source of readings. I didn’t buy the book at first, then last semester I saw my friend read this book, and then this semester my pastor recommended this book to me for an extra readings on apologetics. So, I bought the book and finished it in 3 days during my spare time in Kuala Lumpur.

The author was an atheist crime journalist until his mid 30s (if I’m not mistaken) when his wife turned into a Christian. Surprised at first, his skepticism led him viewed the ‘incident’ very negatively. However, his wife showed him how Christ can change people to be better, and he investigated the truth of Christ himself, objectively. This led him to nearly two-years of investigation, which finally led him to come to Christ.

This book told the reader about his investigation, and the interviews with theologians that he made during (or after) his investigation. Expect to find Christians experts in heir field like Dr. D.A. Carson, Dr. Craig Blomberg , or even a psychologist like Dr. Gary Collins in this well written collection of interviews.

The book was arranged very carefully so that the readers can think together while Lee Strobel interviewed these experts. He started with checking the reliability of the scriptures, followed by the person of Jesus and His claims, and finally on the subject of resurrection. We encounter this kind of question often in our daily life when we try to communicate the gospel of our Lord, and I find that this book can give us systematic, informative, and convincing answers to most of them.

The content might sound very tough, but it was surprisingly very easy to read. I felt like reading a novel when I read the book (the author is, after all, a journalist). The arguments and proofs are presented clearly, and I felt that my faith is reinforced after reading it. I even consider this book for next semester’s reading for my KTB! In short, if you are looking for a good book for apologetics, buy this book. It’s not expensive (very cheap in my opinion), but very helpful for us. A must read!

Let there be light!



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  • January 1st 2012, Kristo