25 Random Things About Me

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When I wake up in the morning I noticed that someone tagged me on similar note about himself. The rules are that I must write back a notes about me and tag 25 person, and those who tagged me must be there as well.. I wonder why it must be 25? I am not a morning person at all, so usually what I do when I wake up is something 'geje'... so... here goes nothing.. haha..

1) I'm tagging friends from my two KTB's and Exco 07/08. I also tag those on Mbok's KTB since they're the sister KTB of my junior KTB. They've been a blessing to me as a brothers and sisters in Christ, and if I write something that's not true here, they should be able to correct me... haha.. of course the freshies are an exception.. =P

2) Actually that should make it exactly 25.. However... General Marlene doesn't have a facebook yet!!! so I'm at a crossroad whether to put Martin Tanned or ci Dian here.. well.. when these two are the choices, I think we all agree on what's the 'right' thing to do... =P

3) Basic information about me.. I'm 21, going 22 this March. I'm from Jogjakarta (I missed the gudeg), the youngest from 2 brothers. My mother passed away when I was in primary school year 4 because of car accident. My father is a self-employed businessman. I missed my family very much actually, though I may not look like it. I just missed them in a different way haha..

4) My father is quite successful, even though sometimes when we talk he always say that he need to pay for some loan for opening business.. but hey.. he always able to pay for them in the end (that's one of the Blessing the Lord gave to us). Most people from Jogja know at least one of his company (since he opens a broad array of business, from restaurant to computer store) and when they know that I'm his son they always bug me for freebies-- and I'm not too comfortable with it. But here in Singapore nobody knows about his company so I'm somewhat 'happy' about it =P

5) This is a very common conversation that I experienced:

Friend: "Hey Kristo, this food is not halal you know"
Me: "Yea I know... don't worry though.. I'm not a Moslem, I'm a Christian, so I can eat this"
Friend: "Oh, sorry.. I thought you don't eat pork since Malay/Javanese are mostly Moslem"
Me: "Don't worry I am used to that... By the way, I'm not a Javanese also.. I'm a Chinese"
Friend: "What??????!!" *stares*
Me: "Yes.. I'm a chinese..."
Friend: "But u don't look like one! One of your parents must be a Javanese!"
Me: "No.. both of them are chinese, so does my grandfathers and grandmothers.."
Friend: "Oooookaaay...." (Awkward silence or laughter followed afterwards)

6) I went to private school for my primary school, but for my SMP and SMA i went to public school instead, and when I think about it.. may be I got tanned because of it.. haha..

7) I love strolling around using my motorcycle. I usually ride it and wander aimlessly to relax when I'm in Jogja.. maybe that's why I'm tanned as well =P

8) I am very good at Maths and Physics. But at other subjects like Biology, Economy, Social Studies etc.. Well, let's just say.. I suck.. haha.. My ranking throughout my high school are 24-29-33-14-16-?? out of 40.

9) Continued from 8, That's why I'm very thankful that I can go to NTU. Normally, people with that kind of track record are not even invited to do the entrance test. But amazingly, God showed me a way through Mathematics Olympiad (I did say that I'm very good at Maths right?).. And because of that, I'm automatically invited to do the test--they don't check my rapport at all..... That's one of His miracle I guess.. =)

10) I wanted to be able to pay for my University studies (and onwards) without the help of my parents. That's just my philosphy. If I don't get a scholarship back then, I won't be accepting the offer from NTU. And again, God showed me the way by giving me a scholarship. That's why now when I think back, I realized that He wants me to come to NTU.. for some reason that I ponders and ask even now.

11) I have been a Christian since I was born. But to tell you the truth, I'm not much of a Christian at all- maybe free thinker. But God introduced me to brothers and sisters in my high school days that opens my eyes, and finally when I'm in my first year in NTU, I met with my KTB.. Now, I can call myself a Christian. That's another miracle from the Lord for me =). That's why I want to give special thanks to my KTB HUT (Cipto, Jefri, Adit, Hadi n K'Pet) for being a dear brothers in Christ.

12) Wait... it's only 12????!! I still have to write 14 more -___-'. Okay.. let me think for a while...

13) Oh right.. I almost forgot. I love ISCF. They have been a family to me this 4 years. I never feel alone here in NTU coz I have them. I always feel empty and lonely in Jogja coz my father works until late, and my brother studied in Bandung/Jakarta most of my primary-SMA life. That's why I'm thankful for ISCF.

14) My passion is in education field. Sometimes I wanted to be a teacher. But most of the time I'm aspired to be a professor/lecturer. Haha.. that's why I'm applying for PhD right now. I hope that I will get the scholarship (see #10). Please pray for me for this one. =)

15) I'm somewhat quiet person. You may not believe it, but basically I'm inclined to be an introvert. But I find myself very open to friends when I'm in NTU. I was a very heavyweight Pleghmatic person before.. now I guess I'm more balanced.. haha..

16) I can say "Yes", "No" and "I agree" easily. But when it comes to "I disagree", I don't think I am able to say it clearly. That's one of Javanese characteristics... Usually I will say "Well, that's a good idea, BUT..." (notice the capital BUT?) and then the discussion goes... hahaha.. I apologize to my exco 07/08 committee for this one =P

17) I view myself as a manipulative person. That's one of my weaknesses. I used people to gather information or to avoid doing work sometimes. I don't say lie (most of the times), but I tend to say what's necessary to achieve what I want to achieve, and most of the time, it involves not giving the whole information. That's a real bad habit for me.. I don't know if you feel that way about me-- any feedback?

18) I like watching House M.D. (TV series). I like the character of Dr. Gregory House. Somewhat.. twisted? haha.. I love watching Chuck and American Idol as well.

19) I like to write. However, I'm not able to write properly. Just see this notes. How many error did you find? haha.. I write on my blog occasionally. Visit kristokuntadi.blogspot.comfor more.

20) I put a plain "Christian" in my Facebook profile without my denomination. Well, I did that because my view is Interdenominational. Well, actually I'm more to evangelical (that's denomination). I dream of unity in diversity, achieving God's will together with all God's people.

21) I cried when I watch a touching movie. And I'm not ashamed to admit it haha..

22) I would like to say that I'm committed to what I'm doing. Once I put my commitment into one thing, I will put all my heart into it. And sometimes, I felt that I want to see others able to find their calling and put all their hearts into it as well

23) I love culinary. I really love to eat. So far, my favourite dish is "Bebek Bacem Klaten" hahaha...

24) One of my favourite song is "God is in control" by Avalon.

"God is in control
We believe that His children will not be forsaken"

"He has never let you down
Why start to worry now? Why start to worry now?
He is still the Lord of all we see and He is still the loving Father
Watching over you and me"

25) At long lasttt!! it's 25.. I just want to say that I am grateful for God's blessings, and it's a wonderful thing for me. Amazing Grace have a lyrics saying "I once was lost but now I'm found, Was blind but now I see" and that is a very true words for me.

That's it... I'm tired haha... I'll be waiting for you to tag me back =P


mcmacz April 11, 2009 at 1:30 AM  

yes your number 17 is your weakness. just make sure what you want to achieve is in accordance with God's will, otherwise that weakness will be destructive, not only you but those who are manipulated.

and btw, half truth is not a truth.

~Kr!StO~ April 11, 2009 at 2:51 AM  

thanks for the feedback =)
I can always trust you for this kind of things


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